We offer positive reinforcement training in the greater St. Louis and Metro East area. Our training programs are personalized for your needs and provided at your home, a designated location (park, office, etc.) or at Metro East Vet in Belleville, IL.  


Popular training topics include: puppy kindergarten, manners, tricks, Canine Good Citizen (CGC), socialization, nose work, agility, behavior problems/modification, crate training and loose leash walking.  


PROFESSIONAL - With SmartyPaws Dog Training you have access to the most experienced positive trainers in the area. We have a network of knowledgeable, skilled, and friendly dog lovers on staff. We not only have the book smarts and certifications, but we also have years of hands on experience working with all types of dogs. 


CONVENIENT - Our in-home dog training classes are available by appointment 7 days a week including mornings, afternoons and evenings. If you are looking for one on one attention, then our in-home options is the choice for you. This can work well for behavior modification needs and to learn the basics before moving on to a group class. Our group classes offer a structured environment for socialization and training. Classes are typically 6 week programs. We also offer 1 hour workshops focused on specific training topics and behaviors. No matter what your needs, we have a solution for you!


POSITIVE! - Our training gives you great results using gentle and proven dog training methods. We never use choke chains, pinch collars, physical correction or punishment. We treat all of our dog and puppy visitors as if they are our own.


We utilize positive methods of training and behavior modification because they are effective and build trust between you and your dog. Unlike harsher compulsion methods, positive training does not cause pain, reactivity or fear in dogs. As a long-standing training professional, I have utilized many methods of training, and positive training produces the best results. Many of our clients have found us after unsuccessfully trying other training methods.


We encourage early socialization and training for puppies to reduce the chance of behavior issues later. By providing one on one training, you can start your puppy training at an earlier age than most group classes allow. We have plenty of well mannered canine companions that we can incorporate into your training sessions for proper socialization. 

We will provide you with the training skills and confidence necessary to continue training your dog.

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