Why every dog can benefit from crate training

Crates can be used for many reasons including: potty training, providing a safe space for your dog, pet transportation and a place to keep your pet and home safe when you are away. Although many owners may not currently use a crate, it still can be important for your dog to be crate trained.

We all do our best to keep our pet safe, healthy and happy. Unfortunately we can't control everything. There are many reasons why your pet could unexpectedly end up spending time in a crate. For example, if your dog requires a surgery or an overnight stay at the vet, he will likely end up spending a majority of his time in a crate or kennel. In addition, if your dog were to get lost most shelters and animal protection agencies utilize crates.

If your pet ever finds himself in a crate, with proper training the situation can be less stressful. Dogs that are not crate trained can become aggressive, anxious, scared and even depressed when confined to a crate. Therefore crate training is important for all dogs, even those who are not regularly crated.

If you would like assistance in teaching your pet to be comfortable in his crate, SmartyPaws would love to work with you. I've seen firsthand the benefits of crate training while working as a dog trainer, rescuer and facility manager.

Check out Ellie's video below showing the power of crate training. Ellie was rescued by the Midwest Akita Rescue Society (MARS) and is currently being fostered at SmartyPaws. When she arrived she was scared of most things, including a crate. After working with Ellie she now feels safe in her crate and is quite enthusiastic about using it (even with all the distractions in the environment)

Ellie is a wonderful Akita that is looking for a forever home. If you would like more information about her please contact MARS, visit the MARS website at www.akitas.org or the MARS Facebook page. She is approx 2.5 years old, is extremely sweet, well mannered and is working to further expand her confidence and skills. SmartyPaws will provide a free local training session to her future owner to make sure Ellie's hard work and skills are transferred to her new family. Watch for more videos of Ellie to see if she might be the right fit for your family.

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