4th of July - Fireworks are Scary!

The holidays can be stressful times for your 4 legged family members; 4th of July brings the usual list of potential stressors (parties, guests, etc.) and the added stress of FIREWORKS. Here are some tips to help you and your pets prepare for the 4th of July Holiday:

  • Find a quiet space in your home (or other location) that your pet can spend the evening. Make sure it’s a place they are familiar and comfortable. Play music or the TV to provide a distraction from the noise outside

  • Be sure to exercise your dog during the day – a long walk, training or play so they are wore out by the time the fireworks start

  • Provide a special or new toy (frozen Kong stuffed with treats, deer antler, something special/new/great) that will last for a while and keep your pup busy during the fireworks

  • Work with a trainer to desensitize your dog from loud noises; it really is possible with positive training to alleviate the stress and fear caused by loud noises

  • Keep your dog inside or on a leash in the evening as fireworks can cause even a well-trained dog to run away out of fear and panic. Make sure your dog has a current ID tag on and that you have a recent photo.

  • Recognize the signs of stress for a dog – drooling, panting, trembling, hiding (behind or under the furniture), climbing, being exceptionally needy, excessive drinking and change in behaviors (dogs who love to be outside want to stay inside, etc.)

  • If your dog has previously shown an extreme reaction to fireworks, consult your vet or trainer to discuss strategies to help

Contact Jerri at SmartyPaws for more information about positive training and boarding options to assist with your 4th of July plans. Text or call 618-303-6868 or email at jerri@smartypaws.biz.

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