Puppy Training - The Best of Both Worlds

Puppy Training – Group vs Individual

Harley - recent SmartyPaws Trainee

Everywhere you look you will see advertisements for puppy training classes and lists of do’s and don’ts. At SmartyPaws we combine the best of individual and group classes to train your puppy. We provide one-on-one training sessions in your home, a public location (park, office, etc. depending on your goals) or at our site.

There’s a lot for you and your puppy to work on that are best accomplished utilizing a one-on-one approach (potty training, crate training, basic manners and commands). These basic skills help build up you and your puppy’s confidence, strengthen your relationship and set the foundation for a lifetime of fun and learning.

We believe that socializing is important, but how and who you socialize with is equally important. At SmartyPaws we socialize your puppy with dogs that we know; we utilize members of our SmartyPaws Pack that model the right socialization skills and manners for your puppy. Puppy training is an example of when more isn’t always better.

Advantages of the SmartyPaws approach include:

  • Training your puppy at home, allows us to involve your entire family as well as work on everyday real-life situations

  • In home training offers a stress-free environment for you and your dog (no travel required)

  • We can work around your busy schedule – not a fixed class schedule

  • Your puppy will not learn bad manners from other unruly puppies/dogs – we provide socialization with well-trained dogs to ensure that the manners that are trained, are the behaviors you want (this can help avoid bullying, insecurity and separation issues down the road)

  • We can take your training on the road – we can meet at a park, a dog-friendly restaurant, Lowes or Home Depot to further train your puppy in a variety of settings

  • You and your puppy receive the attention you deserve; you are not lost in a large class or overlooked while time and attention goes toward dealing with a problem puppy/owner

Regardless of the approach you take, make sure that you find a trainer that is well suited to work with your puppy and your family. Like puppy classes, there are many types of trainers. I have utilized numerous training philosophies throughout my 20+ year career. However, I’ve chosen a positive training philosophy based on the results you can achieve. Positive training methods not only work, but they are also fun and help strengthen the bond between your family and your dog.

If you have questions about puppy training, positive training or other training methods, feel free to contact me via email, text or phone.

Jerri Keller

Owner and Lead Trainer at SmartyPaws

email: jerri@smartypaws.biz

cell: 618-303-6868

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